Skill Development Platform
A personalized and adaptive coaching-based-style training program online!
Skill Development Platform that employs a coaching based Training / Learning style to help and guide you in learning a world class relevant technology skill in just 3 months. SDP is a community of knowledge-driven professionals in the IT industry who are willing and able to learn skills relevant to our society and their personal career goals and aspirations, thereby helping to solve challenges and problems using these skills and tools learnt.
  • Convenient Virtual classes! Anytime! Anywhere!
  • Skill learned provide you with ample opportunity to stand-out among your equals
  • SDP may provide you with the chance of working on real company projects after the 3-months duration of learning for each skill
  • Cheap and Affordable
  • Social Learning
  • Build you Skill portfolio and get references
  • A PC with internet connection
  • A teachable individual
  • To register for SDP:
    1) Make payments (of #5000 pers skill chosen) into
    GTBank Account Name: Oyedele Oluwadetan Account Number: 491/450555/1590 (Regular) or 0037165472 (NUBAN)
    2) Send an email to indicating your interest in any course(s) you have paid for and your proposed start date


    SDP runs for a period of 3 months per skill chosen at a rate of #5000 per skill and you are allowed to enrol for as many courses as you wishper time.

    SDP monitors students result by records and report filling which summarises students review, knowledge, development and project tasks over a period of time so students can know how well they perform on a regular basis.

    SDP by iQube Labs. Built on Excellence & Competence.

    Courses offered on SDP

    Programming & Programming Languages

    Real life application of programming languages
    • 1Python
    • 2PHP
    • 3Perl
    • 4C++
    • 5C#
    • 6Java
    • 7Javascript
    • 8Bash Scripting

    Mobile Apps Development

    Apps for life
    • 1J2ME
    • 2Android Development
    • 3Windows Phone 8
    • 4 BlackBerry Apps Dev
    • 5Symbian Development
    • 6Mobile Web

    Service Architecture

    Responsive Web Pages, Several Framworks and Architectures
    • 1Web Application Architecture
    • 2Cloud Computing
    • 3GSM Architecture

    Linux Operating Systems

    The bedrock of Computers
    • 1Linux System Administration
    • 2Linux Network Administartion
    • 3Linux System Programming
    • 4Linux Network Programming

    Advanced Computing

    Technologies that bring software to life
    • 1Machine Learning
    • 2Artificial Intelligence
    • 3Image Processing

    Information & Databases

    Storage, retrieval, analysis
    • 1MySQL
    • 2Big Data
    • 3Database Administration

    VAS / Telecoms

    • 1VoIP
    • 2SMS Technology
    • 3GSM Architecture
    • 4IVR / Voice XML

    Course Descriptions

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